How can I contact you? We prefer email contact via or the contact form
Will you ship to CA, NY, etc.? No ammunition sales to CA or any other state with restrictions. Be mindful of your state’s restrictions on firearm and accessory types prior to purchase. We will ship firearms with capacities violating state limits if you fall into an approved group (military, LE, etc.). This arrangement needs to be made and clarified with your receiving FFL prior to purchase.
How quickly will you ship? Where is my tracking number? Please allow 3 business days for your order to ship and display tracking before contacting us. Allow additional time for peak season orders (typically Oct-Dec).
Why wont my FFL give me my order? If your FFL refuses to receive or transfer an item, that is their company policy that we have no control over. Please make arrangements with them prior to purchase and selection.
Can I cancel/refund my order? Orders are typically locked into processing within minutes after ordering. If you discover something that needs to be changed, contact us immediately. We will do our best to make the changes prior to shipment processing, but cannot guarantee it will be successful. Review all information before submitting any order. If the item is in possession of your FFL or the shipping carrier, fees may apply for any return/redirects.


We operate on non-standard hours and days that fluctuate weekly based on availability and scheduling. We do not operate a storefront/shop but in-person transfer pickups or sales may sometimes be available. Please contact us with the UPC you’re interested in and  you’ll be given a “Pickup Price”.

Any phone call or email we receive will be followed up in a timely manner based on hours of availability. Our preferred contact method is email or text. Prior to contacting us, customers are asked to familiarize themselves with all information listed in this section. Typically questions related to shipping, refunds or transfers can be resolved here.


This item ships from one of several third-party US distribution warehouses. The warehouses processes orders for shipment Monday through Friday during normal business hours in their respective time zones. All orders placed after close of business Thursday will be processed by Monday and shipped to your destination address (FFL address for firearms) shortly after. Holiday hours vary by location and will change shipping times. Please do not contact us throughout the weekend or prior to 3 business days from purchase to ask about shipping status. Please allow additional time (2-3 business days after your payment clears) for your item to display a tracking number. Any email or voicemail received inside this period will not receive a response.

Firearms will not ship from the warehouse without a valid, signed FFL on file. If we do not have a copy of your destination FFL, the order will not ship until a copy is provided. Please contact your destination FFL immediately after checkout and request a signed copy of their license be sent to us ( To expedite assigning the license to your order, please include your GunBroker order number with the license.

This product photo and the item specification details on this page may not accurately represent the complete detail of the item being purchased. Please verify the product based on the manufacturer model number or UPC (barcode) number with manufacturer provided specifications before ordering. Grossly misrepresented products are eligible for return, however minor text, cosmetic or coloring differences from photos should be clarified by model number prior to purchase.

For items manufactured by Sig Sauer, Browning, FN, Glock, Heckler & Koch (HK), IWI, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Springfield, Walther and Winchester. These manufacturers restrict warehouse-to-consumer shipping and require all items be shipped to us first. Orders are then repackaged and shipped to the final destination. Please allow additional processing time (2-4 business days) for warehouse procurement prior to your order shipping.


The buyer is responsible for knowing the laws of their state of residence regarding firearm/accessory types and magazine capacity restrictions. Each warehouse operates on their own policy for restricted item shipping. In rare cases, items such as high capacity magazines, hollow point ammunition, or restricted firearms will still be shipped to addresses in prohibited states. If an item ships and cannot be transferred/possessed for any reason, the customer is responsible for return shipping via their transferring dealer. A refund will be issued less any fees and/or seller shipping costs. This return/refund policy only applies to items deemed illegal/ineligible for the customer to own with sufficient proof. All other sales are final.


Once an item is shipped it is no longer the physical responsibility of Frisco Guns or the distribution warehouse. The shipping carrier assumes responsibility for the item upon receipt. Delays in shipping due to weather, holiday schedules, loss/theft, or misrouting are not within the scope of control of Frisco Guns or the distribution warehouse. Any items lost in shipping are eligible for refund once sufficient confirmation or proof is gained by the shipper and carrier. The timeframe on this process is governed by the shipping carrier’s policy (i.e. 15, 20, 45 days prior to claim eligibility). Once a tracking number shows “delivered” the item listing’s refund policy is then in effect.

DO NOT initiate lost/stolen/missing parcel claims with the shipping carrier for any item that has not been delivered. This process locks the tracking number to the claimant and prevents Frisco Guns or the distribution warehouse staff from finalizing a claim and closing the order. No additional assistance can be provided for any customer-initiated claim through a shipping carrier once Frisco Guns or the distribution warehouse loses access to settle the claim. Funds will not be returned until a claim is settled in its entirety and if the customer disrupts the claim process, this may be delayed indefinitely.


No item will ship until payment is confirmed. We use to process credit and debit cards. Please contact us if you wish to order via a different payment method.

If an order is cancelled for any reason, the customer will receive the applicable refund amount back to their original purchase method. For payments made via card and cancelled after 11:59 PM on the purchase date, funds already settled with the card processor may take several business days to appear once refunded.


For shipments containing firearms, it is up to the destination FFL dealer’s company policy as to how and when items are to be picked up by the customer. This should be confirmed by the customer with their dealer prior to purchase. Frisco Guns is not responsible for customer violations of destination FFL policies and will not issue refund for any items that were not transferred whether through failure to appear timely or other violation of their company policy. It is up to the customer to negotiate a buy-back through the destination FFL if they are unable to receive the firearm for any reason other than those outlined above.